About Us

“In every job that must be done, there’s an element of fun!”

Dani McDonald was born in Detroit, Michigan, a city that has been hit hard by recession and is slowly rebuilding. Dani was adopted into a large family as an older teenager, and this couple with the trying economy helped Dani to realize that his true potential could only be reached if he took the many risks involved with starting his own business. Dani has truly overcome vast adversity to achieve his lifelong dream of owning his own business and moving to the greatest place on earth, Austin TX.

With a great deal of experience in the food/services industries, Dani has always enjoyed the special bonds achieved through working with people and developing long lasting relationships with them. Well into adulthood, Dani has showed that he is consistently committed to his clients and their complete satisfaction.

Due to the high demand for high quality and professional cleaning, Dani jumped into his business heart and feet first. With a few, initial, dedicated customers and many ensuing referrals, Dani has quickly grown his business into a vast majority of clients of which includes many residential and commercial clients of all sizes. But never fear, Dani will always be the entrepreneur at heart and maintain that small business, family feel. Dani has the motto that each of his customers is worth spending extra time with in order to fully understand ┬átheir needs and desires. Dani takes great pride in letting each client know they’re a priority. When you call us, you can expect to speak directly to Dani!

Thank you for supporting a new Austin TX business! Dani is ready to speak personally with you and welcome you to the Poppins Cleaning family. Let us keep your place supercalifragilistically clean!